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Just for FUN Photo Shoot


Durango, Colorado

JULY 20-27 2012





Thursday, August 2, 2012


Midway, is so beautiful. This is were I hope to live, permanently, not just vacation. After Matthews graduation we headed up for a couple of weeks of R&R.  

The kids quickly took their position downstairs, not for long though.  They wanted to head right over to the club house. Eliza loves to walk over to the horses and bet them, she dreams of someday having one of her very own. She always says, "If we live here, I am going to have to have a horse you know."

The kids room, Emme got to come up with us for a couple of Days. The kids were so happy. Eliza and Dallin ask all the time, "Are you sure we are not family?" I say, "yes, we are family."  

Sarah and Spencer hanging out in the back. It's such a beautiful view, huge mountains everywhere and so peaceful. 

They are in LOVE!!!!

Swimming, thank goodness my kids love the water as much as I do.  On Eliza's birthday we invited a bunch of friends up and had a big pool party for her. We went zip lining in the morning, then swam and played with friends. Dinner and then of course drove into Heber, to Granny's. The worlds BEST shakes. People even make the drive from Provo about 40 just for their shakes. Not to sure what they do different, but they do!!!) 
Happy Birthday Eliza!!! We love this girl so much, she is one amazing kid and  we are so lucky to  have her in our family. She wanted to go zip lining for her birthday, so we scheduled a time and headed down the canyon for an adventure. 
Dallin was not super thrilled to go, he wanted to stay and swim with Aunt Sarah. Sarah couldn't go because about 3 weeks prior to our vacation, she blew out her ACL and PCL. Although you wouldn't know it, she gimped along and did everything with no complaints. Well.... until she hurt it playing wiffle ball with the family. She was trying to hit for the fences, which she did, but tweaked her knee while doing it.   

Eliza was not nervous at all she got hooked in and jumped right off, she loved it.

Dallin did not love the idea at first but ask him about it now and he would go again!!! I think?

                  Eliza's best friend, Emme, was their to celebrate all day with Eliza.  

My Mom was a total rock star. Even the lady that owns and helps run the zip line  made a comment to me, after she ran off the platform. "Your Mom is awesome, I  hope to be like her when I'm grown up." I think that means old, but obviously awesome. 

Matthew recorded his ride down. Because, I was the last one to go down I didn't get a picture of myself but I sure did have fun. 

The party continues...Sarah's friend, Jamie, came up with her kids. She has 3, the same ages as my kids. Couldn't work out more perfect.  

Camer's (that's what everyone calls her), was Spencer's girlfriend for the day. They kept kissing, it was to cute. There they are below riding the Harley. 

Dallin hurt his foot jumping off the stairs, it swelled up pretty good, and turned black and blue. Never, a good way to go into playoffs for baseball. Uncle Matt, was the best Uncle, he played cards and entertained Dallin, while he iced his ankle. 

Midway has so many cute little house with their own personalities. This house is one of them, and one of my favorites. It reminds me of the hobbits homes in, Lord of the Rings. 

Looking at my parents house, down the street.  Look how beautiful it is Steve, just want to remind you.  The great thing about my parents is the location, I just have to run or bike down the street before I hit those mountains in the background. Below is a picture of Provo canyon, I love to run, hike, bike, roller blade, swim, fish, picnic, just go and hang out up there. It is such a gorgeous canyon. 
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We also went to a petting zoo, Spencer had a love hate with this Turkey. He loved it until it would turn and come after him, then he would run in terror. 

We did do a few other things while there, a lot of things are tradition. Shopping in Park Cit, eating in Park City. Shopping in Midway, eating in Midway. Swimming, going to the lake, going on walks, relaxing, reading all the books you never have time for in real life. Having fun and building memories with the family.